Adult Education

Adult Training for Today's Workforce

For 40 years the Beaver County CTC has been providing training to meet the unique needs and circumstances of adult learners in Beaver County and surrounding areas. Day and evening programs are available for dislocated workers, persons wishing to upgrade their skills for career growth, and for those seeking to start new careers in today’s ever-changing and increasingly technical job market.

The Beaver County CTC’s competency-based curriculum is especially appealing to adults and allows for flexible scheduling. The Beaver County CTC offers affordable pricing, highly qualified instructors, state-of-the-art labs and equipment, and course content that is continuously updated with input from Beaver County employers.

Continuing education staff members advise adult students regarding career and training decisions and assist in job searches. Most programs are approved for tuition assistance from such sources as CareerLink, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, TRA/TAA and the Veteran’s Administration. The continuing education department works in partnership with CareerLink.

Employers coordinating their own training programs may select evening courses that meet their content and scheduling needs or work with the Beaver County CTC Adult Education Coordinator to customize training tailored to their business and their workforce.

Adult Day School

The adult day school at the Beaver County CTC offers opportunities for persons seeking new careers or upgraded training in technical field and the trades. The flexibility of the competency-based, self-paced curriculum allows for adult enrollment throughout the school year. Adults learn in an atmosphere that encourages hands-on practice in exceptionally well-equipped labs under the supervision of expert instructors. Course descriptions are included in this book and are also on our website at

Adult day students are integrated into the Beaver County CTC on a space-available basis. It is easy to apply. Call 724-728-5800, ext. 215, for any questions you may have including the current fee for tuition, and an application for enrollment. You will be scheduled for an interview and tour. All adult day students are required to obtain a criminal history clearance, child abuse clearance, and fingerprinting clearance for which there are minimal fees.

Apprenticeship Programs

The Beaver County CTC is one of the most comprehensive sources for related classroom training for apprentices. The curriculum is planned and reviewed annually in cooperation with the co-sponsoring trade organizations and the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor.

Certification Courses

The Beaver County CTC offers courses that prepare students for state or federal certification exams in various fields. Each course description includes the certifications that are offered to the students.

To enroll in a ‘Day’ Program of Study or if you have a question, please email, Mrs. Prodonovich. Thank you!