Commercial Art & Design

Instructor: Mr. Fran Mano

This is a 2- Year PDE Approved Program of Study – CIP Code 50.0402

Why Commercial Art & Design?

Program Overview:

  • Airbrushing, Illustration & Typography
  • Computer/Digital Imaging & Photography
  • Conceptual Design/Layout & Color Techniques
  • Drawing, Painting & Cartooning
  • Engraving, Etching & Silk-Screening

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Commercial Art & Design is an instructional program in the applied visual arts. The program prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences via illustrations and other forms of media. Commercial Art includes instruction in concept design, layout, airbrush and techniques such as engraving, 3-D design, silkscreen, drawing, cartooning, painting, and computer graphics.

Training in Commercial Art includes an awareness of careers available to the student derived from many Units of Instruction. Students are first taught basic skills and development of vocabulary and techniques. As students enter their senior year, they define these skills and may choose to specialize in one area of study while still receiving instruction in other areas. This class is geared for the advertising artist, one who enjoys art and would possibly consider art as a career.

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